Winter Wonderland

Let’s say that you decided that the perfect time to get married is during the winter. Many people feel that the winter time is magical and it makes you want to celebrate all the wonderful holidays. Why not have a wedding that is your idea of a winter wonderland? I think the idea is brilliant and would consider doing this myself so I want to give you a few tips to keep your winter theme stylish.

Paper Trail

Everything from the invitations to the place cards will set the tone for this event. Think of including crystals or glitter to represent the snow. Although it can get messy, it will give the guests an idea of what to expect. You can also include snowflakes, tiny twigs, and other nature inspired accents to resemble the real thing. Using paper that looks similar to snow would also be a nice touch. Whites and silvers are going to be your ideal colors when it comes to designing the whole wedding look and feel.



Sleeves on wedding dresses have become popular and perfectly suited for a winter wedding. Satin fabrics tend to be chosen by brides during this time of year, but a sheer, flowing dress can be just as stunning. Remember, the bride makes the dress and not the other way around. Also popular this time of year is lace and you can incorporate this into your wedding in more ways than just wearing it. Accessories can add that sparkle you need to bring out the feel of winter, especially the jewelry. Adding costume jewelry or a winter looking headpiece can really transform you to your winter wonderland. While taking any outside pictures consider wearing a cape, shawl, or wrap and don’t forget that your bridesmaids can wear these over their dresses too.


Food and Drinks

Remember to keep your guests cozy during the reception and that means considering hot dishes for your menu. During cocktail hour, you might want to include some warm, non-alcoholic beverages like hot chocolate or apple cider. If you do appetizers during your cocktail hour, consider smoked mozzarella or stuffed mushrooms, anything served warm will please your guests. A good course starter would be a hearty soup followed by a main course of roasted chicken or duck, grilled steak, or even eggplant Parmesan for your vegetarians. Now if this menu sounds fancy and expensive to you, it’s because it is. Don’t get discouraged because there are lots of warm foods that you can discuss with your caterer that will be on the cheaper side of things. If you are trying to figure out some flavors to incorporate with your winter theme, consider cranberry, ginger, mint, or apple. All of these will make your guests feel the warmth and comfort of being inside on a cold, winter night. As far as your cake goes, a tall, white cake with sparkling sugars would be perfect. Don’t be against the idea of having other desserts, especially pies, as a side choice. Having these seasonal pies, like pumpkin or apple, served hot with ice cream is a delicious alternative.



Candlelight is a must for a winter wonderland theme. You could include lanterns in different areas and use pillars with white Christmas lights to give the reception that warm glow. Don’t be afraid to add in different colors of light to give the room that extra pop. Wooden tables and chairs are perfect to use and just a simple white fabric over the top will do. Adding in branches as centerpieces is ideal because you can get them from Mother Nature and embellish them with hanging crystals or floral arrangements. When it comes to the flowers, be prepared because a lot of flowers are not in season during this time. Consider using tulips or ranunculus because they are winter bloomers.


The truth is that you can’t go wrong in planning a winter wedding. It’s going to be different from other weddings because you chose to do it outside the normal date range. So have fun with it and get creative, add special touches and lots of glitter if you want to. It’s your winter wonderland and your special day!


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