Fun Dance Ideas


If you’re the type of couple that thinks outside the box and wants to have a crazy,fun wedding full of surprises, then these dances are the way to go. I found these different dance ideas on YouTube and fell in love with them. I am not saying to do these exact dances because every couple is unique and might have a song that fits their personalities better than the ones shown. Be creative and have fun with it and if you do go through with these, your guests will not be disappointed.

Dancing Down the Aisle

I have to admit that this is my favorite video when it comes to dancing down the aisle. It was hilarious and the timing with the wedding party and song was perfect. The only problem I see with doing this in the church is that it might offend guests or be considered disrespectful to the church. If this is the case, consider doing this as the entrance to your reception. This would be a good way to introduce your wedding party to all your guests and make your first entrance as husband and wife memorable.

Dancing Groomsmen

This video just makes me smile and was choreographed perfectly for this song. Not only are the groomsmen dancing, but all of a sudden the groom jumps in and surprises everyone. Don’t forget that the bride and her bridesmaids could come up with a dance too.

Father and Daughter First Dance

This is a very important dance for the bride and her father. If you decide to go through with this, my advice to you would be let most of the actual song you picked play till the very end so you do have that special moment with your dad. You can throw in any songs you want to so don’t hold back and let your dad have some input in the song choice as well. Remember the groom and his mother can do this too.

No matter what type of song or dance you decide to do at your wedding, make it about you and the person you are dancing with. These memories will last a lifetime so enjoy every moment of it and dance the night away!


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