My Wedding App

A few days ago, I was looking through the App Store on my iPhone because I wanted to see what type of wedding apps they had to offer. One thing I noticed was there was only one app I could find about wedding venues and it was called “I Do Venues.” I installed it thinking it would give a list of venues all over the United States but was disappointed to find out that all it showed was the San Francisco, California area. One of the first choices you make when you begin to plan your wedding is the venue you want to use. I know from talking with my engaged friends that it is very hard to find a venue that fits your budget and has what you want. Since it is required for my class that I write about an app that I would design for my topic, I chose to do an app on wedding venues.


The name of my app would be “Find My Wedding Venue.” This app would not only cover venues in Texas, but all over the United States. I would start by doing research about venues here in Central Texas and slowly work my way to other states. The main screen when you opened the app would ask you to enter your zip code so that you are viewing venues in the area you want. Once it pulled up the alphabetized list of venues in that area, it would show the name and address of where the venue is located, as well as a small picture next to it. If you are interested, all you would need to do is touch that venue and the next screen would show you all the details, such as pictures, contact information, the venue’s website, and how many people it can cater to.


One thing I would definitely include in this app is a review venue button so that people who installed the app could write reviews about their experiences. I think it is very important to include that because people do not want just my opinion, they want to hear from people that have used that location and if they were pleased with it. The review button would be located after all the other information about the venue and below it would be where other people’s reviews showed up. I think a star rating system would also be included so if some people feel it’s too much to read, they can just see how a reviewer rated it.


I know that this does not even begin to touch on all the things that would have to be included in my app, but I don’t plan on actually going through with it. There is so much technology behind creating one and I’m definitely not smart enough to figure it out. But if anyone out there does know how to create an app and feels my idea could work them, best of luck to you!


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