Turn Up The Music

Great entertainment can really make or break a wedding. Not only do you want people to pack the dance floor, but you also want some amazing introductions when you are cutting your cake or having your first dance. As a couple, you have to decide if you want a live band or a Disc Jockey (DJ). In most cases, a DJ is usually cheaper than having a live band because there are fewer people to book and feed. According to costofwedding.com, the average cost of a DJ is $525-$1,400 and live bands usually run $1,200-$3,000 plus.

BandDJ 2

You need to consider the type of energy you want to have in the room: Do you prefer the excitement of a live band playing one of their hit songs or do you like the energy of random songs being played by the original artist? Some couples may decide to have both a DJ and a band, which is not a bad idea. Most often a band will play during dinner and then the DJ will take over to provide a club-like atmosphere. Other couples like the idea of letting the band play a set and then having the DJ perform in between. It does not matter what you decide on, as long as you feel that you and the guests will be pleased with the entertainment. So to help you when making that decision, here are some budget friendly tips that could save you some money.

Consider booking in off-peak season. During the slower months, October-March, prices will tend to be cheaper, sometimes as much as 20-40%.

Avoid booking for too few hours. Four hours is usually standard and anything shorter than that will go by quickly. Consider how long you want to entertain guests because overtime fees can be very expensive, usually hundreds of dollars.

Consider booking a band and a DJ. By booking both, you can split the time, provide a variety of music for guests, and save 25-75% over hiring a band for the whole event.

Check entertainers’ social media sites. Sometimes they will offer discounts or special online offers that can save you 10-15%.

Choose a one-man DJ operation. It will cost more to pay for a two- or three- member team of DJs.

Look for multi-tasking band members. Ask if any of the band members play more than one instrument and consider asking them to play at the ceremony. This could save you money from having to book a separate musical act.

Go with an established agency. Larger, more established agencies will often have a greater ability to meet your budget needs than a lesser-known agency.

Ask if they offer specialty lighting effects. Many DJs and bands offer specialty lighting effects as part of their packages. Often their basic lighting accents are free and if you want customized lighting, there will be an added fee.

Ask Everyone Questions. Check with your wedding planner for recommendations and see if they know any vendors that offer packaged deals. Ask the entertainer if they offer any discounts for paying the entire fee in advance. Some will even give discounts for last-minute booking planners just to book the date.


Hope these tips help you out when booking a band or DJ for your wedding. Just remember to have fun and dance the night away!


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