My Video of The Grand March

Ever since I was little, I can remember attending weddings in my hometown and watching people participate in the Grand March. Being from a small town in Texas, most people around the area know what that is but I’m sure many people do not. The Grand March is formal dance that takes place at the reception hall and is done before the dance floor opens. The song that most people use to do the Grand March is “In Heaven There is No Beer.” Anyone can participate in the Grand March unless the DJ or band says otherwise. Usually there is a couple, who have experience leading and know the dance, at the front of the line. The bride and groom are behind them followed by family and the wedding party. Anyone who wants to participate in the dance can then get in line behind the others. All you need for this dance is a partner and basically you just follow the leader. The dance includes splitting off from your partner, with men going one way and women the other, going through a tunnel made from the people participating, and even weaving in and out of people to form a circle around the bride and groom at the end. After the dance is done, the bride and groom have their first dance while the circle around them moves and even sometimes rushes in on them. It’s a really fun tradition that I plan on having at my wedding so I wanted to show you a video of the Grand March from my friend Melanie’s wedding. The person recording this for me (since I was participating) was not able to get the entire dance. I apologize for the quality of the video, but you get the general idea. I am also going to include some pictures from my friend Amy’s Wedding so that you can see some of the things I described above. I hope you enjoy it and will consider doing the Grand March at your wedding!

Wedding 12

Wedding 16

Wedding 17

Wedding 15

Wedding 47

Wedding 48


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